Incremental “updates” (patches or minor enhancements) are performed automatically through our programs via our web server. In order to receive critical updates and patches, users MUST HAVE a live internet connection on the machine that is running our software. These “updates” are free of charge for registered users.


Upgrades contain major changes or enhancements. There is always a charge for upgrading from one version to another.

Special Upgrade Pricing

  • From MOPRO 2014 to MOPRO 2016 (Includes conversion utility to move data from MOPRO 2014)

    If you purchased MOPRO 2014 after July 1, 2015 you will receive a free upgrade to MOPRO 2016

  • From any existing Massage Office version to MOPRO 2016

    (Includes conversion support to move data from Massage Office Pro V3)


Due to major database changes, customers wishing to upgrade from versions not listed here MUST CALL Island Software to verify eligibility and have their data converted by our support staff.  Contact us via support or call 877-384-0295 for more information about upgrades.