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Comments on Massage Office Professional V3

“Dear Mr. Kreger,Massage Office Testimonials
I am the proud owner of Restored Therapeutic Massage, LLC. I researched software to use in my new practice for the past 2 years and I mean I did my research. I found Massage Office Pro 3 to be the absolute best software for massage on the market. I am not only a certified & licensed massage therapist, I am also certified in medical billing and coding. I have a legal background as well as medical. I have used many other programs that were much more expensive. Of all the programs I've ever used, Massage Office Pro 3 is the easiest, most professional and efficient of them all. As a bonus, the staff at Island Software goes above and beyond to ensure that you are getting the most out of the software. I also added X-Charge Merchant Services and now my credit card processing is integrated allowing me to give professional invoices to my clients upon checkout.

I am now able to keep extraordinary SOAP notes. The SOAP note feature is so easy to use to document the treatment provided and future treatment plans. I never have to wonder what I worked on the last time the client visited the office. This feature creates a confidence in my clients that shows I am well aware of our focus for their overall health. I love this program and I'm so happy I didn’t use a web-based program that doesn't understand the needs of my profession. If any therapist is looking for software that fits the massage industry, look no further. Massage Office PRO 3 has everything a massage therapist needs.”

Meiko Dukes, LMT, CMT
Restored Therapeutic Massage, LLC
Atlanta, GA

I have been using Massage Office Pro V2 since our opening in  April of 2012 and I’m so happy that I chose this program! I chose it over others because it had everything that I could possibly need all in one package and then some! I wouldn’t use any other program. I have frequently (and still will) tell other Massage Therapists to just try the 30 day free trial and you’ll see why I love it! There are just way too many things I love and use daily with this program to even list it here!

Now I use Massage Office Pro V3 and I didn’t think it could possibly get any better…. But it did! I sell retail and can track my inventory and it tells me when I need to buy more. I love that I can now attach documents or pictures right to an individual client; I can attach great info/exercises etc from the web right to a particular “illness” or condition and print it right then and there for the client with Treatment Advisor. The new Treatment Advisor will show any contraindications and I can update and revise it to suit me and my particular practice. There is also a new Expense Tracker! My business partner (my mother!) is going to love this! Now I print out my monthly expenses which are detailed and hand them over. She can take care of our business end and not have to worry that I won’t be able to tell her the particulars of any receipt. I can seriously go on and on about everything I love about this program, but I won’t. I’m just going to tell you to do the free 30 day trial and you’ll see I know my practice is better for having this program. I have had a few other inquiries from Naturopaths and an Acupuncturist and they wanted to know how come they don’t have a program like this. They can’t find one anywhere. They are going to do the free trial and see if they can use it too!
Oh! You can now track gift cards and make sure you check out the many, many documents you also get for marketing and business.

Thank you Island Software and Massage Office Pro!

Laura Ahern, LMT
Green Blessings Center, LLC
Southbury, CT

I started by trying out then buying the Massage Office standard version and when the Massage Office Pro come out I knew I needed to try the upgrade to the Pro. I have been so pleased with such a well thought out program. Whether you are a one-person practice or a practice with a lot of therapists, this program will make scheduling your day and billing clients so much easier. An all-inclusive program that allows you to spend more time with your clients and less in the "office" with your billing.

I strongly recommend EVERY massage therapist simply take time to try this program out.

Renee Russell
Native Touch Massage
Edmond, OK

From a MAC User

I got Boot Camp up and running with the help of the Apple store team. I then called Island Software and talked with Steve. He guided me thru the set up of the software, which was yet another blessing. Not only for his patience but also for the services as I never would have been able to set it up by myself and because it was complementary to purchase of the product.  It is really appreciated by someone like myself because there is no one to ask and, quite honestly, I "get" a lot of things , but, not computers.

The software is exactly what I need, is very intuitive, a joy to use and running perfectly on my MAC. I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to finally make the connection with it and your service ... thank you so much Island Software!
Be well,

Viviane Michaud
Holistic Alternatives
Morris, Indiana

I downloaded the evaluation copy of the software, wanting to make sure it had everything I needed and was easy to use. I have nothing but wonderful things to say, my therapists love the program and how easy it is to use. This was a wonderful investment.

Michelle Fludd, LMT
Owner, Waterfront Massage
Beaufort, South Carolina

Having searched for a software program to do my billing I finally found one that met my needs and then some. Massage Office by Island Software Co. is easy to use, from SOAP NOTES to HCFA forms, and their product support is excellent as well.

Herb Levin, LMT NMT MMP
Medical Massage Practitioners of America

This message is for Tim and his supervisor:

I just placed an order to purchase your program. I was very pleased with Tim's performance. He was knowledgeable, forthright, respectful, and very pleasant to work with. Thanks.

Joseph C. Graham

Comments on Massage Office Standard

A review from the Massage Warehouse.com website
A lifesaver
Reviewer: kneaded energy

We have used Massage Office software since we opened our practice in 2000. It is the easiest and most professional software program that we have found. With over 1000 clients in our database, there is no way that we could keep track without it. Since most of our clients utilize multiple visit packages, MO2.2 keeps track of their visits and progress. We are able to create mailings with ease and deep professional grade notes. In addition, the yoga, wellness and aromatherapy upgrades have allowed us to share important information with our clients. We have and will continue to recommend this software to every massage therapist. It has been a lifesaver for our practice.


Designs by Shannon Lea

I have downloaded and reviewed several other programs designed to manage the information that massage therapists and spas generate. Thus far, from the most expensive to the most popular, none have equaled Massage Office2.2 Island Software is, in my opinion, the most user friendly, and comprehensive system I've worked with. The format is simple, the graphics, including a printable S.O.A.P. form, and the pre-printed HCFA insurance forms are terrific. it really takes the drudgery out of data entry!


Dianne Bradley LMT.,NMT.
Birmingham Alabama

OK, You have me hooked. I have played with Massage Office 2.2 and find it is not only useful to us as a school but I would be willing to recommend it to our graduates.

Scotty Livingston - Administrator Regional College of Massage Therapy at Ft Wayne

I am sending a gentleman your way to purchase Massage Office 2.2 He has seen my software and wants to buy the software for himself. I told him about the HCFA forms and they work great on the computer and he is interested in starting insurance billing. Thanks for a great product.


Larry Brooks Amarillo, TX

I wanted to say how nice it was to call 2 times today about questions for the existing 2.2 and the up-and-coming new and improved version. Tim was especially helpful and very patient with me, walking through the steps to install the aromatherapy program and deleting the 2.2 Demo and so on. I have only had the program for just over a month and am very pleased. The few things that I am asking about seem to be being fixed in the new version. Tim just made it very easy to understand and was very easy going. Many computer techies are so one tract minded they can't think like a person. Tim is so far still a real person AND has the knowledge to help! Thanks a Bunch! Oh, Great manual! Easy to read and understand! Bolding where it makes sense and pictures that show us exactly what we need to see.

Angie Krakora
Bastrop, TX

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that I received my program when you said that i would and I have been quite busy with it ever since!I have had some training in the skills that it takes to put together a program such as this, but never have had the time to do it. I can appreciate the work that was involved in putting together this program. There is everything that I need in one simple program, which takes the frustration out of insurance billing. You can bet that I will honor the tactful pleadings at the beginning of the package... I will not share the software with others. Believe me, any money made off the selling of this software is greatly deserved. I have been waiting for a program like this for about 7 years now! Thanks again!

Dee Joyce L.M.T.
Peace of Mind... Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
Dover/Somersworth, NH

Hello Guys! The pages that you sent were just plain awesome and I cannot wait to download the update. I also wanted to inform you of a possible software sale. The school that I attended and may soon become an instructor at, is looking for a software program for its clinic. I recommended your program and said that I would contact you and ask you to forward a demo to them.

Thank you so much for everything,


Thank you for your prompt reply and phone call. You handled the situation very professionally... After previously working in customer support and training cs reps for many years, I have very high expectations from other cs reps. I am satisfied with your professional responses!! Also, thanks for the screen shots. I am very impressed!! Now I'm really excited about the new release!!!! You guys really thought of everything!!!! Have a great week!!